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Because you can never be too careful.

Having a surveillance system that has a clear picture and proper video coverage is critical From property management to loss prevention and employee security. Call us today to determine what solution is right for your business.

We install surveillance systems across Canada!
Access Control

Complete Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance solutions get installed correctly the first time. Our team is involved every step of the way from the first initial conversation to the primary site check, to installing the hardware and testing. 30 years installing surveillance and security camera solutions means our customers get a clear birds eye view of their business that will work reliability for a long time. 

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If the worse happens, be ready. Surveillance to help protect your business.

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Surveillance Services

Complete Security Camera System Installs

Our team will spec out the best hardware for your requirements. From there our team will mount cameras and run cables to a digital recorder (NVR or DVR) and give you an overview on how to use it.

Proper Cameras

Our team will review your needs and do a site check (come on site to your local) and look around. We will then have our experienced technicians make recommendations. We tailor our solutions to our customers, not the other way around. 

Correct Storage

The right storage makes all the difference. Having more storage will allow you to run higher quality for longer. Pairing the storage solutions with proper cameras will make all the difference.  

Bilingual Support and Service

After the installation things can happen. Our bilingual support can help diagnose issues and discuss situations directly with our technical experts. 

Our Partners in Security and Access Control

Clear picture and all-round coverage with the biggest names in Access Control security and surveillance.

Total coverage with a clear picture.

When you need surveillance footage you need clear footage. If you providing video footage to the police, having a second rate surveillance system just wont cut it. Here at Sound Products we deliver awesome coverage with a clear picture to get a full understanding and a complete birds eye view of your business.

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