• Retail Headsets Improve Team Communication!

Improved Team Communication Makes Everything Better!

Retail headsets will help your team members communicate better. This will translate into happier customers as they will wait less, get their answers faster and get quicker a response. 

Better team communication can help customers by:

Finding a manager or product specialist quickly
checking product availability and stock levels
Saving your business and customer’s time

But most of all, providing your customer with a better shopping experience.

Quail Digital retail headsets are comfortable and clear sounding and instant communication for up to 30 team members. Having your entire team working together will allow them to achieve more. From the checkout line to the stock room to upper management. Everyone will be to get answers and communicate instantly with everyone else. 

Allowing your team to work efficiently will increase productivity and decrease frustration. Let retail headsets change the way your business does business. 

Get a retail headset system backed by a solid AV Solution provider to give your team the tools they need to do more. 

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But how easy is this headset to use? (watch below)

Clear sound from a simple to use retail headset system. 

Installed and managed Canada wide

Sound Products has been working with retailers and their headset systems for over 30 years. We have a 100+ dealers that allows us to service customers almost anywhere in Canada. 

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