• Drive-Thru Repair for Partech G5 Headsets across Canada!

Send your headsets (G5 ONLY)

Sound Products Ltd.

102-3310 South Service Rd
Burlington, ON L7N 3M6

Toll Free: 1-800-263-4996
Email: Support@SoundProducts.ca

In House Repairs Done Right.

Our team has been repairing and refurbishing Drive-Thru headsets and systems for almost 30 years. Our Repair centre is in Burlington and all work is done in house.  Over the years we have optimised the headset repair process, so it works better for everyone.

How the repair process works

To get your headsets repaired simply box-up (please add packaging material as transport can be rough) your hardware and ship it to us. Please be sure to add your national store number and contact info inside the box also just to be safe.

Once received

Once our team receives your hardware our goal is to service it up to a professional level. Our service team might repair one component or most of the components. The goal is to give you a full working and repaired headset. From that point we will contact you directly to discuss the repair cost.