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We sell, install, and maintain drive-thru systems in Toronto! We have been doing it for almost 40 years!

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We work for you. Our team will handle every aspect of your drive-thru project

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If problems happen, we can help. No matter the province – French or English

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Need A New System?

3M Drive-Thru intercom systems provide fantastic sound with your customers. 

Designed to be modular

Partech made the G5 headset modular. The control pod houses the battery, that connects to the carrier. You can purchase replacement parts of they break. Changing batteries is easy. 

Better Headset Sound!

Partech has really put in the work with their noise reduction that stops the background noise of cars, trucks, busses, or anything else that is around the drive thru. Using their echo cancellation gives better sounding communication.  

Better Support

The technology is sound, but things happen. If you have a problem with your drive thru you can always contact Sound Products. Our support team offers support in English and French. Our experienced support staff are ready to help you with any issues.  

Other ways we can help your restaurant

At Sound Products, our unwavering commitment is to empower Canadian restaurants with top-tier business audio, surveillance, and drive-thru communication solutions. We're driven by the desire to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and bolster security across establishments nationwide. With a dedicated team of experts and a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies, we stand as a reliable partner for Canadian restaurants, ensuring they have the tools they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Our mission is to elevate the audio, video, and security standards of restaurants from coast to coast, making every dining experience exceptional.
Surveillance Solutions
Surveillance Solutions
In the heart of Toronto, Sound Products specializes in the seamless installation of surveillance systems and security cameras. Our expert team ensures that businesses across the city have the protection they need, from downtown establishments to suburban enterprises. With a strong presence in Toronto, we're committed to enhancing security and peace of mind for our valued clients.
Surveillance Solutions
Intercom Systems
Intercom Systems

In Toronto, Sound Products is your trusted partner for installing state-of-the-art business intercom systems. Our dedicated team brings a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring that businesses across the city have efficient and reliable communication solutions. From downtown offices to suburban establishments, we're committed to enhancing inter-connectivity and productivity for Toronto's thriving business community.

Intercom Solutions
Audio / Video solutions
Audio / Video solutions

Audio / Video

Sound Products is your premier choice for installing cutting-edge business audio and video solutions in Toronto. Our seasoned professionals are dedicated to transforming workplaces and establishments across the city with immersive soundscapes and visual experiences. From boardrooms to entertainment venues, we're committed to elevating the audio-visual standards for businesses throughout Toronto.
Audio / Video Solutions

If you need help with drive-thru in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughn, or any other city in the GTA, our team can help.

Elevating Canadian Restaurants and Small Businesses with Sound Products

In the dynamic landscape of Canadian restaurants and small businesses, a partner who can provide comprehensive audio and video solutions is essential. Sound Products, with over 40 years of industry experience, stands out as the trusted ally that businesses across Canada rely on to enhance their operations and customer experiences.

Nationwide Reach, Local Expertise At Sound Products, we take pride in our ability to serve businesses from coast to coast. Whether you're a quaint café in Quebec City or a bustling restaurant in Vancouver, our bilingual support team is here to cater to your unique needs. Our nationwide presence allows us to bring local expertise to your doorstep, ensuring that you receive solutions tailored to your region and industry.

A Full Spectrum of Services Our commitment to Canadian businesses goes beyond providing standard services. We specialize in a wide range of audio and video solutions, including:

  • Surveillance Systems: Protect your assets and maintain a secure environment with our cutting-edge surveillance technology.

  • Multi-Zone Audio Systems: Create immersive soundscapes that captivate your customers, enhancing their overall experience.

  • Drive-Thru Technologies: Streamline order-taking and boost efficiency with our drive-thru communication systems.

  • Wired Intercom Systems: Stay connected within your establishment with reliable, wired intercom systems that ensure seamless communication.

  • Doorbell and Access Solutions: Control access and enhance security with state-of-the-art doorbell and access control systems.

Unwavering Support Sound Products is not just a service provider; we're a partner invested in your success. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering solutions that align with your goals, whether it's improving security, boosting customer satisfaction, or streamlining operations. We're with you every step of the way, from initial consultation to installation and ongoing support.

In the competitive world of Canadian restaurants and small businesses, having a partner like Sound Products can make all the difference. Join hands with us, and let's elevate your establishment to new heights of excellence. Discover how we can tailor our audio and video solutions to suit your specific needs, and experience the Sound Products advantage today.