• Drivethru Repair Toronto

    If your Drive Thru breaks, it hurts your bottom line. We have been providing Drive Thru repair services in the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years. We have been there with different model upgrades and we understand the restaurant industry. 

Drive-Thru Components We Can Replace or Repair

Vehicle Detection

If cars are not being detected in your lane, then it’s usually a problem with the loop, the loop detector, or the base station. 

Speaker Replacement

If your customers in your lane can’t hear you – that’s a problem. Our experts do on site diagnostics to ensure great sound is coming out of your menu board or speaker post. 

Microphone Replacement

If you can’t hear your customers, that’s a big problem for today’s Quick Service Restaurants and small businesses.  

Headset Repairs and Replacement Parts  

The restaurant industry is hard on it’s gear. Things happen, we get it. We also repair headsets and have a wide selection of headset parts like control pods, carriers, batteries, charges and anything else you could need. 

Toronto businesses can benefit from a Drive Thru

Since COVID-19 we have seen a lot of different businesses look at putting in a Drive Thru system. Lately we have seen a lot of restaurants that have the space put in a window. Also, we have seen a lot of other businesses like corner stores, cannabis shops and lots more turn to Drive-Thru to help with their contactless pickup options. If you are a business looking for a wireless headset drive-thru intercom system, then talk to one of our experts. 

Do you work with HME? 

No, we only support (sell, install, repair) Partech (3M) Drive Thru Systems.

Want to talk to our Drive-Thru experts?

Need A New System?

3M Drive-Thru intercom systems provide fantastic sound with your customers. 

Designed to be modular

Partech made the G5 headset modular. The control pod houses the battery, that connects to the carrier. You can purchase replacement parts of they break. Changing batteries is easy. 

Better Headset Sound!

Partech has really put in the work with their noise reduction that stops the background noise of cars, trucks, busses, or anything else that is around the drive thru. Using their echo cancellation gives better sounding communication.  

Better Support

The technology is sound, but things happen. If you have a problem with your drive thru you can always contact Sound Products. Our support team offers support in English and French. Our experienced support staff are ready to help you with any issues.