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    Our business is servicing your business. The Sound Products team works together to make sure your restaurant is taken care of. From sales to customer service our team is eager to help.


Looking for a Drive-Thru communications systems? We have been selling and installing Drive-Thru and headset systems for over 30 years. Our experience will give you an advantage at servicing your customers.


Things happen, and when they do you need to make sure you have a team that can get your issue resolved. Our service team and dealer network covers across Canada to make sure your downtime or technical issue is resolved quickly. 

Equipment Repair

The Quick Service Restaurant industry is hard on equipment. Having a reputable partner that can repair your equipment can save you money and keep things running smoother. Our repairs are done in-house. 

Your Drive-Thru IS your business.

COVID-19 has changed the way Canadians live and work. With lockdown and the closing of dining rooms the drive-thru has become the main focus of Quick Service Restaurants. With so much riding on it, it's time to insure your Drive-Thru is running properly. We can upgrade, service and repair key components of your Drive-Thru to ensure you can serve your customers the way you want. 

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The PAR Headset System

The restaurant drive-thru has become an icon of North American culture. Its predecessor, The “Drive In” has been immortalized in our minds by such movies as “American Graffiti” and “Grease”.

Although today’s drive-thru isn’t as glamorous by design it is still a key component of the Quick Service Restaurant industry. As much as 70% of a restaurant’s revenue is derived through its drive-thru operation. Customer satisfaction at the drive-thru is crucial to the survival of a Quick Service Restaurant.

3M™ and Sound Products have been installing and servicing Canada’s drive-thru communication equipment for more than 20 years. The new XT-1 digital headset from 3M™ is Canada’s fastest-selling headset system and can be installed anywhere in Canada by Sound Products and its National Dealer Network.

We deal with the best Drive-Thru vendors in the industry.

We use the most reliable vendors for our Drive-Thru Systems. We can sell,

maintain and service different Drive-Thru solutions to keep your customers happy.

Yes! We Still Repair 3M / Par Drive-Thru Headsets

We have been working to streamline the process of sending in your headsets for repair. We have developed a new webform that gives you all the information to send in your hardware for repair!

Repair Your Headsets!