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Looking for a Drive-Thru communications systems? We have been selling and installing Drive-Thru and headset systems for over 30 years. Our experience will give you an advantage at servicing your customers.


Things happen, and when they do you need to make sure you have a team that can get your issue resolved. Our service team and dealer network covers across Canada to make sure your downtime or technical issue is resolved quickly. 

Equipment Repair

The Quick Service Restaurant industry is hard on equipment. Having a reputable partner that can repair your equipment can save you money and keep things running smoother. Our repairs are done in-house. 

Introducing the APEX Drive-Thru System!


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COVID-19 has changed the way Canadians live and work. With lockdown and the closing of dining rooms the drive-thru has become the main focus of Quick Service Restaurants. With so much riding on it, it's time to insure your Drive-Thru is running properly. We can upgrade, service and repair key components of your Drive-Thru to ensure you can serve your customers the way you want. 

(3M) PAR G5 Drive-Thru system

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Par G5 Drive-Thru Headset System
Par G5 Drive-Thru Headset System - Base Station

The PAR Headset System

A complete drive-thru headset system designed to give your Quick Service Restaurant a competitive edge. Making sure drive-thru restaurant orders are handled quickly and accurately is an excellent way to improve the QSR customer experience and keep guests coming back. Now, PAR is helping you tap into the full potential of your drive-thru with an all-in-one communication system that combines unmatched sound clarity with rock-solid reliability.

Smarter Sound
• Advanced Noise Reduction delivers superior sound quality for the order taker at the menu post.
• Acoustic Echo Cancellation reduces echoes for clear communication and easier comprehension of customer orders.

Built-In Greeter
• Record up to 16 messages, each up to 10 seconds long.
• Use greeter messages to promote key items.

Keep your team on task with custom alerts and reminder messages
• Easily upgrade from single lane to dual lane on-site!

Color-Coded Drive-Thru Communications
• Lights built into the microphone alert order taker to vehicles in different lanes.
• Managers can see when customers are being served by the order taker.

3M™ and Sound Products have been installing and servicing Canada’s drive-thru communication equipment for more than 25 years. The new G5 Headset / Drive Thru system is Canada’s fastest-selling headset system and can be installed anywhere in Canada by Sound Products and its National Dealer Network.

(3M) PAR G5 Drive-Thru system

Confused about PAR parts?

Some of our customers mentioned that they don't know the correct names of the different G5 system parts. We put together a page to help address that.

Learn about the PAR G5 System components

Customer Replaceable PAR G5 Headset Parts

PAR G5 Headset Control Pod

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PAR G5 Headset Carrier

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PAR G5 Headset Battery

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Par Drive-Thru Communication Systems
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Drive-Thru Timers

When it comes to running an efficient drive-thru operation, timing is everything. Drive-thru timers are a critical component of any successful drive-thru system, allowing businesses to track the performance of their operations and make informed decisions to improve speed and accuracy. At Sound Products, we offer a range of high-quality drive-thru timers from leading brands such as Delphi Display Systems, Summit Innovations, and ParTech. With our state-of-the-art timing solutions, you can take your drive-thru operation to the next level and increase customer satisfaction while maximizing your profitability. Contact us today to learn more about our drive-thru timing solutions and how they can benefit your business.


Some of our installations

Drive-Thru base station with headsets and headset charger

Drive-Thru base station with front panel removed. 

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Drive-Thru windows with saw-cut for vehicle detection

Drive-Thru Timers improve service times and gives your business better analytics on your Drive-Thru System

Drive-Thru menu board with microphone and speaker

PAR G5 Drive-Thru Basic Troubleshooting

At Sound Products, customer satisfaction is our top priority. To assist our valued customers in resolving drive-thru issues promptly, we have meticulously crafted a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. This resource is designed to provide step-by-step solutions and practical tips, ensuring that any challenges you encounter can be swiftly addressed, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Reboot G5 Base Station
Add Headset
Remove Headset
Reboot G5 Base Station
How can I reboot my PAR G5 base station?
How can I reboot my PAR G5 base station

How can I reboot my PAR G5 base station?

Rebooting your PAR G5 base station is a straightforward process, much like rebooting a home router. Here are two simple methods:

Method 1: Hardware Reboot

  1. Locate the two thumbscrews on the bottom of the front panel.
  2. Remove the cover by unscrewing these thumbscrews.
  3. Once the cover is off, unplug the power cable from the base station.
  4. Leave it unplugged for about 30 seconds to ensure a complete power cycle.
  5. Plug the power cable back in.
  6. Replace the cover and secure it with the thumbscrews.
  7. Your base station has now been rebooted.

Method 2: Software Reboot

  1. Enter the configuration mode. For G5, select "System Menu."
  2. From the menu options, choose "17 Reboot System."
  3. Look for "Power Cycle Complete System" and change its value to "Yes."
  4. Confirm your selection.

Using either method will effectively reboot your PAR G5 base station, resolving minor issues and ensuring smooth operation.

Add Headset
add a headset to the par g5 base station

Adding Headsets to a PAR G5 Base Station

Each headset is assigned a unique identification number, imprinted on the device and broadcast to the base station whenever it's powered on.

Important Note: A single headset should not be registered to more than one base station at any given site, regardless of whether the base stations are interconnected. Ensure that you remove the headset from its existing base station before adding it to a different one.

Here's a quick guide on how to register a headset:

  1. Access Configuration Mode: For G5, go to the "System Menu."
  2. Headset Registration: Select "04 Registration" followed by "1 Add New Headsets."
  3. Power On: If using a G5 headset, simply insert the battery to automatically power it on.
  4. Confirmation: Wait for up to two minutes until you see "Headset xxxxxxx Has Been Registered!" displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Adding More Headsets: Repeat step 3 for any additional headsets you wish to register.
  6. Completion: Press "Mode" when you've finished the registration process.

By following these steps, you can easily add headsets to your PAR G5 base station, ensuring seamless communication within your establishment.

Narmadha Neelagandan - Designer

Remove Headset
remove a headset from the par g5 base station

Removing a Headsets from a PAR G5 Base Station

To un-register a lost, damaged, or otherwise removed headset from your system, including headsets sent back to 3M for repair and later re-registration, follow these steps:

  1. Access Base Station Configuration Mode: For G5, select "System Menu."

  2. Initiate Headset Removal: Navigate to "04 Registration" and choose "2 Remove Headsets."

  3. Select the Headset: Scroll through the list to locate the number of the headset you wish to un-register.

  4. Confirm Removal: Press "Enter" to finalize the un-registration process.

Note: If you're uncertain about the headset number to be un-registered or don't have access to it, make sure to identify the headsets that you want to remain in service and only un-register those that should be removed from the list.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage your headset registrations and maintain an up-to-date system configuration.

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