• Introducing the all new APEX Drive-Thru System from RF Technologies

Awesome features and loud clear sound

Our customers let us know they wanted a loud clear drive-thru communication system. We have found one that's easy to install, configure and use. Giving you the features you want with the loud volumes you need.

Unmatched Noise Cancellation and Louder Volumes: Elevate Drive-Thru Communication with the APEX Drive-Thru System

Introducing the APEX Drive-Thru System with Advanced Noise Cancellation and Louder Volumes. Experience crystal-clear communication and exceptional audio quality like never before. The APEX Drive-Thru System utilizes cutting-edge noise cancellation technology, ensuring minimal background noise and maximum clarity during customer interactions. With louder volumes, your staff can hear customer orders with precision, leading to faster service and improved customer satisfaction. Upgrade to the APEX Drive-Thru System from Sound Products and enjoy unrivaled noise cancellation and amplified audio performance for a seamless drive-thru experience.
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High definition audio with the APEX Drive-Thru System!

  • Headset extended equalizer allows you to manually customize noise reduction
  • Single and dual lane comparability
  • Compact base station with touch screen
  • Light headsets weighing only 3.4oz
  • Supported by Sound Products

APEX Seeing is believing

Easy to manage APEX batteries

APEX Headsets - dealing with headset batteries is easy. 

The APEX drive-thru system features remarkably compact and easily replaceable batteries in the headsets, ensuring uninterrupted communication and convenience for your staff. With their small size and hassle-free replacement process, APEX drive-thru batteries provide optimal functionality and minimal downtime, allowing your team to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Replacing the battery

Replacing the headset battery on the APEX drive thru headsets is easy. Press the battery latch, pull the battery tab.

6-Port Battery Charger

The battery charger for the APEX drive thru system is very easy to use. Put the battery in the charger. Green light means the battery is charged. Yellow light means the battery is charging. A flashing yellow light means a battery fault. 

Sound Products: Pioneering the APEX Drive-Thru System in Canada

Sound Products, the pioneers of drive-thru technology in Canada, proudly introduces the APEX drive-thru system as the newest addition to our exceptional product lineup. As the first company in Canada to sell and work with the APEX drive-thru system, we bring our extensive experience and expertise to deliver unparalleled service and support. With Sound Products, you can trust that you are partnering with the industry leader, dedicated to providing innovative solutions that transform your drive-thru operations. Choose the APEX drive-thru system from Sound Products and experience the cutting-edge technology that sets us apart.

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