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Because you can never be too careful.

Having a surveillance system that has a clear picture and proper video coverage is critical From property management to loss prevention and employee security. Call us today to determine what solution is right for your business.

Access Control

Access Control

Overall Security is not just having the right cameras, but knowing whos on camera. Access Control that is secure, flexible and easy to install. Build the entire installation using nothing but IP Technology. The only thing you will have to choose is the access control technology: Mobile phone, QR Code, RFID Card, fingerprint or PIN code. You can issues one time or limited access to employees and guest with QR codes on mobile devices.

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Clear picture and all-round coverage with the biggest names in Access Control security and surveillance.

Total coverage with a clear picture.

When you need surveillance footage you need clear footage. If you providing video footage to the police, having a second rate surveillance system just wont cut it. Here at Sound Products we deliver awesome coverage with a clear picture to get a full understanding and a complete birds eye view of your business.