Join Our Nationwide Network: Become a Sound Products Service Partner

Are you skilled in cable pulling, soldering, and conduit work? Are you an electrician, part of an alarm or surveillance company, or have a background in construction and trades? If so, we invite you to join our team as a dealer/subcontractor for Sound Products.

Canadian owned audio video and drive-thru company

Canadian owned and operated Audio/Video and Drive-Thru solutions provider     

Sound Products is 100% owned and operated in Canada. We only service Canadian restaurants and businesses. 

Support and partnership

We work with our dealers and support them anyway we can. We are looking to build lasting relationships with our dealers to ensure success.

subcontracting repeat business

Repeat business!

Once a relationship has been setup, we will call on you whenever our customers have issues in your region. Some dealers in remote locations can be exclusive.

Canadian audio video and drive-thru subcontracting
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We want you!

We are always looking for skilled trade partners all across Canada to strengthen our dealer network and Canadian coverage.

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Why Choose Sound Products?

At Sound Products, we specialize in drive-thru communication systems, a field that often requires expertise in cabling, soldering, and working with conduit. Our successful collaborations with professionals like you have helped us deliver high-quality solutions to clients across Canada.

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Who Are We Looking For?

We're searching for skilled contractors all over Canada, and we have a special interest in reaching remote communities. Your expertise and dedication in providing exceptional service align with our commitment to serving clients in diverse locations.

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Ready to Join Us?

If you're eager to grow your business, collaborate with a reputable company, and play a pivotal role in bringing efficient communication solutions to Canadian businesses, Sound Products is the perfect partner for you.

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Partners need help? 

Call our support line

Lets talk

We are always looking to have conversations with our service partners and believe supporting and helping our teammates across Canada.  If you would like to talk about something not discussed here or have a question - you can always email our sales team at and we can help :)