3M G5 Drive-Thru system

The 3M G5 Drive-Thru system is the gold standard in drive-thru communication systems. Most 3M users know of the XT-1 Drive-Thru system that was replaced with the newer G5 modular based system. Here we will cover most of the pertinent information on this system.

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Basic components of a 3M G5 Drive-Thru System

Base Station

The Drive-Thru base station is the main control point for the Drive-Thru System. It oversees the car detection, the wireless headset communications, volume levels and most other settings for the Drive-Thru.

G5 Headsets

The G5 headsets are different from the older XT-1 model because they are completely modular. The carrier (the part that goes over your head and has the earpiece and microphone). The control pod on the other hand handles the wireless communication to the base station. Finally, the batter is a separate component that powers the unit. The major advantage of having a modular system is that replacement parts can be purchased and changed by users or manager very easily. 

Loop Detector

The loop detector is a small circuit board that connects to the inside of the base station. This allows the loop detector to detect vehicles from the loop out at the menu board and speaker post.

Drive-Thru Loop

The loop is a component that gets inserted into the pavement of your Drive-Thru Lane. Working in conjunction with your loop detector – this allows your Drive-Thru base station to detect vehicles in your Drive-Thru Lane and notifies the wireless headsets that a customer has arrived. 

Menu Board and Speaker Post

The menu board and speaker post are the points at the Drive-Thru that allows the customers to speak with the restaurant staff.  The speaker post and or menu board will have a microphone and a speaker. Some restaurants might have only a menu board with the speaker post built into it. 

Drive-Thru Timer

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