Audio/Video Gallery
As important as playing the right music is in creating the right atmosphere for your business, the quality of sound is equally as important. Our Audio Design staff make it their business to provide our clients the very best system for their dollar.

By carefully measuring your business space, we ensure you receive the right volume with smooth, crystal clear digital sound. From "big" and "loud" to "soft" and "hidden" , we provide smooth, even sound with high fidelity ensuring our clients receive maximum return on their audio investment.

Restaurants in general and sports bars in particular rely on television as a source of entertainment for their patrons. Every hotel room in North America offers TV viewing.

Recent evolutionary changes to television means more programming choices with the advent of satellite TV but more important are the changes in image quality and image choice (4:3 and 16:9).

HDTV, Plasma, DLP, LCD and Wide Screen are part of 21st century TV lingo. All this new technology means that offering TV viewing to patrons is becoming a bigger part of a restaurant's operation in terms of budgetary planning.

Sound Products offers several brands of TVs but from a cost effectiveness point of view and quality for a commercial setting our first choice is Panasonic. DVD players and projectors are also available.

Sound Products offers and installs both Shaw Direct and Bell Express Vu for commercial business applications making us a complete solution provider for all your video needs.

For more detailed information on all products, please contact our Sales Department at 1-800-263-4996.